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WelcomeTo Neutraved

We exporters of Herbal Ingredients, Essential oils, Indian spice, Indian raw herb and other natural products. We Manufacturer of Herbal Extract & Powder. We specialize in procuring, processing, sourcing of Herbs & Spices.

We have established a collection network throughout the country. The sourced products are checked for quality and standards at the place of origin. We specifically pick those raw herbs that are rich in principle medicinal essence so as to obtain maximum beneficial extract and a high-grade end-product. We are unwaveringly committed to supply freshest, purest and safest products with quality packaging to our valuable customers around the globe.

We provide our clients with the highest level of customer service possible, most competitive price value and best quality products in the shortest possible delivery time. It's a commitment to customer satisfaction that has been a part of "NeutraVed Xpotim" core value since day one.


Mission & Vision

We promote healthy life and natural beauty in the height of perfection using Mother Nature's wealth. Traditional formulations manufactured by the hands of modern science makes the dream of perfect health and beauty a reality.

Core Values

Deliver the highest-quality nutritional supplements according to the industry's most exacting standards and principles.

To satisfy our customers' needs, so that they can satisfy their customers' needs.

Be responsible citizens of the communities in which we work, with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Provide a work environment that fosters employee excellence and satisfaction.

Quality Standards

It is not desirable; Companies mention that his product quality is poor. We wish, our customer inform us regarding our product quality. Neutraved Xpotim not says her product is best. Our company supply product as per industry norms and customers requirement.

All products of the company are manufactured according to ethical standards, ensuring the highest quality ingredients. Herbs are directly taken from "herb farm house".

Market Focus

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and day-to-day focus on customer satisfaction. We recognize that, we can survive only if we anticipate and meet customer needs, respond quickly to changing conditions and fulfill customer requirement better than our rival.We believe in long-term relationships based on our comprehensive understanding of all our customers' needs and on the value we provide through superior products and services.

Supplying Following Industries:

Herbal Pharmaceutical Industry.

Homoeopathic Pharmacy manufacturer.

Herbal Extract, Phytochemicals & Alkaloid Manufacturer.

Herbal Drink / Tea Manufacturer, Formulator.

Textile (Herbal colored using)

Veterinary industry

Diet Supplement & Food Industry.

Ayurvedic and Unani Drugs Manufacturers.

Practitioners of Ayurved (Indian Herbal System) Medicines.

Herb, Ayurved Raw Materials Traders, Merchants and exporters.

Flavor, Natural Essential oil & Aromatics Manufacturer.

Henna (Natural) and herbal Henna exporters.

Importers world wide

Bird, Aqua Feeds Suppliers